Uploader Validation Summary

Osmos has designed several validation functions specific to Osmos Uploader to ensure uploaded data is correctly formatted, mapped, and ready to use.

Osmos supports four varieties of data validators which are added to schema fields in the code snippet directly:

  • Data Validators - Custom validation functions that perform validations for a single field

  • Dropdown Controlled Fields - Allows the end user to access a limited list of valid options for a specific field

  • Dynamic Dropdown Options - In addition to the valid options, it is possible to dynamically pick the options to be displayed in a given dropdown for a field based on the input values of another field

  • Interaction Dropdown with Validation Functions - Combines the functionality of both data validators and dropdown controlled fields. Enforcing the valid options of dropdown controlled fields with error messaging

Configuration instructions for these validators can be found in our Developer Doc's in the Uploader Client-Side Validation section or simply click one of the links above.

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