True & False Casting


This section details how equations within Osmos evaluate boolean statements. The logical formulas and operators detailed in the Logical Formulas & Operators page involve logical statements which resolve into boolean True or False statements. These statements can also be directly represented in the following ways.


Strings which evaluate to true (these values are not case sensitive):

  • True

  • T

  • Yes

  • Y

Strings which evaluate to false (these values are not case sensitive):

  • False

  • F

  • No

  • N

Other strings

If a provided string does match any of the examples above, Osmos will attempt to parse the value as a float.


Floats are evaluated as follows:

  • 1.0 = True

  • 0.0 = False

  • Any other value = Error


Much like floats, integers are evaluated as follows:

  • 1 = True

  • 0 = False

  • Any other value = Error


Any other values used as a boolean True/False value will result in an error. Note, however, that many logical formulas resolve into a viable boolean True or False value.

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