HTTP API (Osmos Calls Your API)


There are two modes of operation for this connector. Either Osmos will call your API, or Osmos can generate an API for you to call. Put another way, either you have an API endpoint created, or you want Osmos to create an API endpoint for you. These two modes will be referred to as Osmos Calls Your API and Call an Osmos API respectively. This page is for the former.
This Connector sends an HTTP request to a specified HTTP API and treats the returned data from that API as source data. This source data is then sent through a Pipeline to a destination connector.


Information needed:
  • An HTTP API that you would like to retrieve data from and send through a Pipeline.

Creating an HTTP Endpoint Source Connector

Step 1: Click New Connector
Step 2: Under the System prompt, click HTTP Endpoint for Webhooks
Step 3: Enter a Connector Name.
Step 4: Select Source Connector.
Step 5: Select Osmos Calls Your API

Detecting the Schema

We will automatically detect the schema of the data returned by the specified HTTP API.


Specify the URL, including the port number if any, of the API that Osmos should be sending the request to. For example, this could be

HTTP Method

Select the HTTP Method that Osmos should use when sending the request for data to this API.

HTTP Headers

Specify the headers, if any, that Osmos should be using to request data from this API. Headers are often used for authentication, authorization, or declarations of what type of content you're sending. Headers have both a Name and a Value. For example, an authorization header might look like:
Name: Authorization
Value: qaX1SrppzSe1Y1qOOc08

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