Step 1. Select the Source

The first step in creating a Pipeline is selecting the Source Connector for that Osmos Pipeline. This connector provides access to the source data for this Osmos Pipeline.

You can create a New Source Connector or use an Existing Source Connector. See below for more details about these two options.

Option 1: Create a New Source Connector

Step 1: To create a new Connector, click the + New Connector button above the list of Connectors.

You will be directed to the Create a New Connector page.

Step 2: Click on the system dropdown, and select the system for this new Connector.

Step 3: Once you have selected the system, proceed with configuring and saving the new Source Connector. Click here to see detailed instructions for setting up a new Source Connector for each of our supported systems (e.g. BigQuery, FTP, Google Drive, etc.).

Step 4: After saving the Connector, you will be directed back to the list of Source Connectors. This new Connector is now available in your list of existing Connectors. Follow the instruction below to continue with selecting an existing Connector.

Option 2: Use an Existing Source Connector

Step 1: To use an existing Connector, first click on the specific System (e.g. BigQuery) to see all of the Source Connectors for that system.

Step 2: Look for the name of the Source Connector you want to use (i.e. Sample S3 Source), and click on that Connector.

Once you select a Source Connector, you will be prompted to select the Destination Connector.

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