Configuring Uploader's "Recall" functionality

In this section you will learn how the Uploader automatically recalls previously mapped and cleaned data making subsequent uploads easier and faster.


Once the fields and data are initially mapped, subsequent upload logic can be recalled based on the optional Parameterized Fields, "userID" and "userGroup". Which, unlike other parameterized fields, are defined outside the schema.

Here's an example of using the userID parameterized field to populate a field called user_id for every row by pulling the the property curUserID from the browser.

There are two applications of Parameterized Fields in this example:

  1. The curUserID becomes the value of the userID parameter, which is used to control recall.

  2. Also, the userID parameter is being used to populate the field user_id within the uploaded data itself - this is optional.

    userID: window.curUserID,
    schema: {
      fields: [
          name: "user_id",
          fieldType: 'userID'

Hierarchy of Recall

  1. If you are passing a userID, it will recall by userID first.

  2. If you are passing a userGroup, it will recall by the userGroup.

  3. If you are user neither userID or userGroup, it will recall by uploader token. This means recall will be performed on the uploader level.

While the Recall and the Auto-Mapping behavior is usually useful to speed up mapping and ease the upload process, there are some scenarios where it is undesired. Here are the setting to disable these features.

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