Osmos Dataset Source Connector

In this section you will learn how more about the Osmos Dataset Source Connector.

Osmos Dataset Source Connector Overview

Leverage the Osmos Dataset Source Connector when you wish to move records from your Osmos Dataset to another destination. An Osmos Dataset Source Connector is created through the standard connector creation process.


Required information:

Creating a Osmos Dataset Source Connector

Step 1: After selecting + New Connector, under the System prompt, click Osmos Dataset.

Step 2: Provide a Connector Name.

Step 3: Select Source Connector.

Step 4: Only New Rows specifies the behavior when reading from this connector. Defaults to "Only rows changed since last pipeline run".

If "Only rows changed since last pipeline run" is selected, only new rows written to the selected table since the last read will be included in the read output.

Step 5: Select the Dataset.

Step 6: Optional. If you want to query the data, check the Use Query Builder box, and set up the query.

Step 7: Select the Table.

Step 8: Hit Save.

Note: The Osmos Dataset Connector will be automatically linked to your Osmos Table

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