Google Sheets


You can create a Google Sheets Source Connector to read from a single Google Sheet using your Google account.

To set up this Source Connector, your Google account will need access to the Google Sheet you are connecting to.

The schema for this Source Connector is defined by the first row of the Google Sheet, so column header names must be provided.

If you have multi-factor authentication enabled for your Google account, you may need to recreate the Source Connector when the authentication expires. Re-authentication for existing connectors is coming soon.


Required information:

  1. Google Sheet URL

  2. Spreadsheet Sheet Name

  3. Google Account Username & Password

Creating a Google Drive Source Connector

Step 1: After selecting + New Connector, under the System prompt, click Google Sheets.

Step 2: Enter a Connector Name.

Step 3: Select Source Connector.

Step 4: Provide the entire URL for the spreadsheet you want to connect to in the Spreadsheet URL field.

The schema for this Source Connector is defined by the first row of the Google Sheet, so column header names must be provided within the Sheet.

Step 5: Provide the Spreadsheet Sheet Name as shown below.

Advanced Options

Header Normalization

The source file may have characters at the start or end that includes spaces, tabs, carriage returns and line endings. You can choose to keep all characters from the source or remove all whitespace. Select one of the options:

  1. Don't normalize headers. Use headers exactly as they appear in the source: If this option is selected, we will retain all characters from the source file.

  2. Remove extra whitespace and other common untypable characters from headers: If this option is selected, we remove all whitespace (spaces, tabs, carriage returns, line endings) at start/end.

Parser Webhook

We support the use of a parser webhook for the purpose of pre-processing data. This field allows for the designation of a webhook URL. The webhook protocol must also be designated here. Currently, gRPC webhooks are supported.

A webhook must first be built and configured in order to be utilized by a connector, please contact Support for more information

Connector Options

The connector can be deleted, edited and duplicated.


To save time, the connector can be duplicated. This new connector needs to be named and can be edited, as needed.

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