Osmos Account Setup

You can create an Osmos login by providing your email address and password, by Microsoft authentication, by your work email powered by Google, or with a passkey.

  1. Visit osmos.io

  2. Select "Log in" in the upper right corner of the page

  3. Select "Sign Up Here" at the top of the credentials page

  4. Enter your email address and a password or continue with Google or Microsoft

  5. When logging in with a passkey, you need to select your device or security key

Here are the Passkey options when Continuing with a passkey.


Osmos has multiple methods of notification based on your needs.

  • Callback - An optional configuration for an Uploader to generate notifications programmatically to a host page

  • Email Notifications - An Ops oriented option for notifying an Osmos Account User (via the email associated with their Osmos account) of successful and/or unsuccessful uploads in Pipelines and Uploaders.

Manage API Keys

Create API keys to grant access to your Osmos resources.

  1. Go to Accounts > Manage API Keys > New API Key

  2. Enter Key Name

  3. Enter Expiration Date

  4. Select Create

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