Testing your Osmos Uploader

Test Uploads

Osmos provides an opportunity for administrators to quickly test their newly created Osmos Uploader without the need to embed it first. Within the Osmos application, navigate to the Uploaders Section, and select your newly created Osmos Uploader. To test, simply select the Upload button displayed in the Upload Data section.

The following file types are allowed to be uploaded: CSV, XLS, XLXS, XLSM and JSONL.

Both the default set-up of Osmos Uploader and Advanced Mode can be tested here.

  • To test Standard Mode, select the Upload Button.

  • To test Advanced Mode, select the Upload in Advanced Mode Button.

The Upload buttons displayed on this page provide an example of an uploader without optional configurations added to a code snippet. An uploader will have to be embedded in a webpage to test Additional Configuration Options.

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