1. What are QuickFixes?

  2. Getting Started

  3. Types of QuickFixes

What are QuickFixes?

QuickFixes are one-click, data-cleanup buttons that allow you to easily clean up your data for the most common scenarios for that data type (i.e. Date, Text, Numeric, etc.).

You can combine multiple QuickFixes to both cleanup your data and resolve errors easily.

Getting Started

Step 1: Once you have mapped the input (source) column(s) to the output (destination) column, click on any cell in the output column to open the Data Cleanup panel on the left.

The left side panel toggles between column mapping and data clean up.

Step 2: From here you will see a list of potential QuickFixes that you can use to cleanup and fix your data for the selected output column.

Step 3: If you want to use one or multiple QuickFixes, click on each of the QuickFixes in the order you want them applied.

Note: If you are uploading a file to clean up (i.e. not using Osmos Pipelines) and you need to make edits to specific cells in the output column after applying QuickFixes, click on any cell in the output column and provide a single-cell edit.

Step 4: To remove a specific QuickFix, click on the applied QuickFixes in the right panel.

Step 5: Once you are done, go to the bottom of the left panel and click Save, then move onto the next output column in the panel. If you want to restart and choose a different Data Cleanup method for this column, click Start Over.

Types of QuickFixes

Their are a number of QuickFixes that populate based on destination field value. These QuickFixes include enum mapping, address handling, number and date defaults. For all QuickFixes you have the ability to skip if field is empty or null as well as handle errors.

Value Mapping is a capability which allows end users to map enumerations ("enums"). Enums are integrated as part of the Uploader Validation. Users can now map a group of constants to a specific valid option. The list of valid options are configured in your validation and the mapping occurs in the Value Mapping QuickFix.

Address QuickFix

Their are a number of different QuickFixes related to addresses. These include Extract City, Extract State, and Extract Address Line 1.

Address QuickFix in Action

Their are a number of QuickFixes related to numbers. These include, strip non-numeric characters, drop decimal, round, and round down.

Their are a number of ways to default date layouts via QuickFixes.

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