Performing Look Ups

In this section you will learn how to perform a Table Look up


Performing a lookup typically involves searching for a specific piece of information within a larger set of data or database. In Osmos, once you have created your Dataset(s) and have added at least one Table, you are ready to perform a look up.

A Lookup is created in the data transformation phase and is managed through a QuickFix.

Pre-Requisites to create a Lookup

  1. Create a Dataset

  1. Create a Table to hold the lookup data. At least two fields are required, the match field and the desired look up field.

Note: A primary or foreign key on the Table is not required to leverage Lookups.

  1. Upload the lookup data to the newly created Table

How to create a Lookup

Step 1: Map the Source Match Field to the Destination Column

  1. In the column mapping, map the Source field, match field, to the desired look up Destination Column field. The match field is required in the source field to trigger the Datasets Lookup QuickFix

Step 2: Create the Lookup

  1. Once the column is mapped, go to QuickFixes, select Datasets Lookup.

  1. Configure the Lookup:

    1. Select the Dataset: Select the Dataset where the lookup field is located

    2. Select the Table: Select the Table where the lookup field is located

    3. Select the Lookup Field: Select the field you are looking up and wish to be populated in the destination column.

    4. Select the Matcher Fields: Select the field you are matching between the source field and the mapping table. The field name will be the same as the Destination column name with the Lookup.

    5. Hit Submit

The Destination column will be updated with the desired Looked up field data.

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