Advanced Mode

Advanced Mode is a configuration option for an Osmos Uploader which provides end user a feature-rich experience which includes tools like QuickFixes, Formulas, and SmartFill, which are available in Osmos Pipelines.

Enabling Advanced Mode

To turn these on for your Uploader, just set the disableAdvancedMode flag tofalse in your Uploader configuration snippet.
schema: {
token: 'your_token',
disableAdvancedMode: true,


Column Mapping Panel

On the left, you will see the column mapping panel. This is where you start, and where you map the relationship between the input (uploaded) and output (cleaned) columns.
Each card in this section represents an output column for your Uploader Destination. You can map one or more uploaded columns to each cleaned column.

Input and Output Columns

After you map an input (uploaded) column to an output (cleaned) column, you will see the data that corresponds to the selected columns to the right of the mapping section.
When you select a different cleaned column in the mapping section, the section to the right will update to display the corresponding data for those columns.

Data Cleanup Panel

To the right of uploaded and cleaned columns, you can access the data cleanup panel. Here you can use tools that help you quickly cleanup the data being sent to the output column you are working on. These tools include QuickFixes, SmartFill, Formulas and single-cell edits. You can get to this panel by clicking on any cell in the destination column.