Osmos Datasets

In this section you will learn the basics of how to create a new Osmos Dataset.


This page outlines the initial process for creating a a new Osmos Dataset.

Creating an Osmos Dataset

Step 1: Click the Datasets icon and select Create Dataset.

Step 2: In the New Dataset Window, enter the name of your Dataset.

Step 3: Hit Save.

Dataset Options

Once you create your Dataset, you can add tables, edit the Dataset name, Go to the Query Builder and Duplicate a Dataset.

Adding a Table to your Osmos Dataset

Step 1: Click the Dataset icon, select your newly created Osmos Dataset.

Step 2: Select Add New Table.

Step 3: Enter the Table Name.

Step 4: Enter the Schema.

Design the output schema via two options, either import the schema or build it within Osmos.

Option 1: Schema Import

Upload or drag & drop the schema file.

Import a file with the headers along with one row of sample data. This data is used only in schema creation.

Option 2: Building the Schema for the Destination Connector

Use the schema designer to build the output schema for your table.



Field Name

Provide a field name for the output fields. These names will be used as the column headers or field names in the output file you are writing to.


Define the type of each field. The field types will be used to enforce rules when you send data to this Connector.


Check this box if the field is nullable. If the field is not nullable, you will be required to provide values for this field when sending data to this Connector.


Deletes the field.

Add Field

Adds another field to the schema.

Upload Schema

Upload schema or drag & drop header fields

Add Foreign Key

Add a foreign key column to be used in a lookup & join criteria when the data from a related table is combined

A Primary key can be associated with this table. The key field must be a required field and also be unique.

See Key Fields for more detail

Select Save Table.

Editing your Osmos Dataset

Editing your Dataset allows you to change the name of the Dataset or deletethe Dataset.

Step 1: Click the pencil icon from your Osmos Dataset.

Query Builder for your Osmos Dataset

Drill directly into the Query Builder to begin building out your table joins and aggregations.

Step 1: Click the cylinder icon from your Osmos Dataset.

Cloning your Osmos Dataset

Cloning will duplicate a Dataset. Note, this process will move the existing tables but will not clone the data in each table.

Step 1: Click the clone icon from your Osmos Dataset.

Step 2: Select the Project.

Step 3: Enter the new Dataset Name.

Step 4: Click on Clone.

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