Uploader Configuration Summary

Osmos Uploaders have been designed with a wide variety of configuration options.
Osmos Uploader configuration has been broken out into four broad categories.
  • ​Customizing and Styling - Allows the configuration of the look and feel of the upload button of your uploader within your webpage
  • ​Passing Parameterized Fields - Programmatically generates field values that will be invisible to the user of the Osmos Uploader
  • ​Optional Settings - Details the configuration of various settings to further customize performance and the user experience of the Osmos Uploader
  • ​Callback (Completion Handler) - Provides a Callback to the host page when the Osmos Uploader window closes and passes relevant information about the Upload, such as file URL, rows submitted etc.
Configuration instructions for these configuraiton options can be found in our Developer Doc's in the Osmos Uploader Config Options section or simply click one of the links above.