AutoMapping AI

In this section you will learn how the Uploader Generative AI to automatically map data fields from sources to respective destinations, applying necessary transformations.


The Uploader recalls field mappings and clean up logic such as formulas and QuickFixes. After loading, the Uploader attempts to automatically map fields and apply some transforms based on gen-ai and previously seen files.

Two distinct processes are run.

  • Auto-Mapping - Automatic field mapping based on Generative AI

  • Auto-Recall - Automatic population of transformations based on previous uploads

Default recall for all Uploaders

  1. When uploading a file to an Uploader for the first time, the fields will need to be mapped and clean up logic applied.

  2. When uploading a file to an Uploader for subsequent times, expect mappings to be recalled from the on the uploader level.

For Internal Uploaders, there is an Admin level Feature Flag which allows Admin Users within an organization to set the baseline recall behavior of an uploader. This baseline recall will not be modified by the actions of an uploading user who does not have admin permissions. Please contact to learn more.

For embedded Uploaders, once the fields and data are initially mapped subsequent upload logic can be tailored based on a number of factors. These factors are configuration options of the Uploader Snippet, more detail can be found on the Customize Osmos Recall page.

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