Note: Please contact us at [email protected] to enable this Source Connector.
MongoDB is a NoSQL document store which stores data in a JSON-like format without a specified schema. This Source Connector allows you to read documents from a single collection and ingest them into Osmos.
This Source Connector can pull from a MongoDB table using your MongoDB username and password.


You need to have a MongoDB instance that will accept connection attempts from the following fixed IP addresses:,
The collection must be non-empty as the first 10 documents in the collection are used to infer the schema.
You must have a connection string provided by the database from which to connect your DB.

Creating a MongoDB Source Connector

Step 1: Navigate to the Connectors list page, then click + New Connector.
Step 2: Under the System prompt, click MongoDB.
Step 3: Enter a Connector Name.
Step 4: Select Source Connector. Selecting this allows you to ingest data from MongoDB.
Step 5: Provide the connection string, but leave out the username and password.
Example: mongodb://host1[:port1][,...hostN[:portN]][/[defaultauthdb][?options]]
For more information about formatting the connection string, visit:
Step 6: Provide your username.
Step 7: Provide the password associated with the username above.
Step 8: Provide the name of the database that contains the collections you want to read from.
Tip: If you are trying to access a database that is behind a firewall, please ensure that the following Osmos IP addresses are allowed to access the database. Osmos uses these fixed IP addresses to access your sources and destinations:
Step 9: Provide the name of the collection that you want to read from.
Tip: The schema for this Source Connector is defined by the first 10 documents in the collection.