Embedding the Uploader in your Web App
In this section you will learn how to integrate an Osmos Uploader to your webapp.


This page outlines the implementation process for installing an Osmos Uploader button from the Osmos platform onto your webpage.


  1. 1.
    Destination Connector
  2. 2.
    Uploader HTML Snippet (Provided in Uploader Setup)
  3. 3.
    Access to your webpage HTML

Implementing an Uploader on your Webpage

Step 1: Navigate to your web hosting provider's page configuration menu
Step 2: Copy the HTML Snippet from the Osmos Application
Uploader snippet
Step 3: Paste the snippet into your web page at the point where you'd like it to display on the page. Include both script tags and the button element together.
Step 4: Edit the snippet to set custom displayName and description values for schema. These will be shown to the user in place of the actual name. Note that you should not change the ordering of the fields from the order it appears in the snippet example.
Step 5: Edit the snippet to set a custom uploadDescription which will also be shown to users when they click the button.

Optional: Custom Styling

Optionally set custom styling on the button element. This can be done either by setting a style property on the element itself or via css with the .ftl-button class.

Testing the Uploader

To view the uploaded data, navigate to Uploaders in the Osmos Application and select the Uploader you created
Click View to verify proper collection of records