Uploader Jobs Table

In this section you will learn how to add a jobs table to an embedded uploader.


Enhance your embedded uploaders by integrating logic that enables users to inspect the details of their uploads. The Uploader Jobs table provides a convenient way for users to view, and download data about their uploads.

Uploader Jobs

Osmos displays the last 30 days of the uploader job detail. For each uploader job, you can view the download of the original file, view status, upload date & time, and take action.

Your upload will have one of the following statuses:

  • Complete - The file was successfully uploaded (note: it may have skipped records)

  • Finished with Errors - The upload completed with one or more errors

  • Failure - Typically a failure means there is an error with the uploaded data that prevented the Uploader from successfully running

If you need to modify the number of days to display, please contact support@osmos.io.

Here is the code snippet to add the jobs table.

  document.body.onload = function () {

<div id="osmos-table" style="width: 1080px">
  <!-- table is inserted here -->

Don't forget to replace the token ID, <your_uploader_token>, in the sample above with your uploader Token.

It is recommended to place this section at the end of your snippet.

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