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    What is Column Mapping?
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    Getting Started
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    Color Coding
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    Editing or Deleting Training Examples

What is Column Mapping?

Column mapping is used to directly map a single source column (from the left table) to a single output column (in the right table). Column mapping is useful when the source data in a specific column doesn't need to be transformed or cleaned up, just mapped to an output column.

Getting Started

Step 1: Click on a cell in the output table to get started.
Step 2: Type =$ to see the list of source columns you can map to.
Step 3: Select the name of the source column that you want to map to.
For this example, we want to map the Date output column to the Date source column.
Step 4: After selecting the source column from the dropdown, the data from the source column will populate the output column.
In the example below (click to expand) you can see that we have mapped the Date source column (on the left) to the Date output column (on the right).
Step 5: Review the output column to confirm that you have selected the correct source column. If you need to make any changes, select the cell that contains the original column mapping formula, edit it, then press enter.

Color Coding

Cells with Black Borders

Cells that contain formulas, column mapping or training examples have black borders. If you want to adjust the output for that column, click on these cells to delete or edit them.

Cells with Red Borders

Cells that have errors will have a red border. The cell that contains the column mapping formula may have an error, and other cells within that column may have errors. In either case, you must edit the column mapping formula to resolve these errors.

Editing and Deleting Column Mapping Formulas

If you want to edit a formula, click on the cell that contains the column mapping formula, edit it, then press enter.
If you want delete a specific column mapping formula, click on the cell that contains the column mapping formula, then click on the delete button to the right of that cell.
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